These Are The Most Disgusting Messes Your Kids Have Left In Your Car

CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

From what I can tell, when you have kids, you pretty much accept the fact that there’s going to be a mess somewhere at some point. Especially if you bring them into your car.

Last week, I asked you what the grossest, most disgusting mess your kids ever made in your car was.


When my brother and I were little, my parents took us on a great trip to the Canadian Rockies. This trip involved a long car ride. So, stupidly, before the car ride, my brother loaded up on ice cream. He started crying immediately after we started driving because his stomach wasn’t feeling well.

My parents fed him some ginger ale and... all of the ice cream came up, all over my brother, his car seat and the back seat of the rental car. Pleased that his stomach was now relieved, my brother fell asleep in his own vomit and left the rest of us to deal with the stench for the next few hours because we were in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t clean out the car easily.

Even after we got to the hotel and my dad spent the next hour trying to clean out the car with what cleaning supplies he could get his hands on, the fetid stench of vomit never quite came out of the rental’s cloth seats for the duration of the trip. My dad also started carrying plastic bags in every car he drove after that. I guess it only takes one time for you to learn.


Now, let’s take a look at what disgusting messes you guys have had to deal with.

P.S. Your photos make me want to cry. The stories themselves have me screaming internally.


Kia Soul (CalzoneGolem)

A tortured Soul at that.


Caprese (skipstheboss)

Basil? Who would have thought?


Fossilized (Hingle McCringleberry)

Is that a hockey puck or...?


The Slow Buildup (The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending))

One day you wake up and wonder where the hell it all came from.


Skunk (VonOhlnhausen)

Wait, what?


Crying On The Interstate (LightningZ71)

Just let it out, man.


Over The Shoulder (OburgTiger)

That aim, though.


Less To Clean (Bigger Putz)

Dogs: so handy.


Shattered (Tanfastic)

I actually gagged.


First Class (Poop_Break)

Not technically a car, but I can’t pass up an airplane painting story.


Cold As Ice (damnthisburnershitsux)

Your girl cold, man.


Turtle (mountain_runner)



So Close (GouveneurMorrisButtermaker)

But not close enough.


Glue (Chairman Kaga)

Keeping it short and sweet.


Blueberry (Nick Überfullen)

Hello and welcome back to hell.


Warning (PotbellyJoe and 42 others)

The more you know!

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