The Morning Shift: Memorial Day Summer Bash Edition

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Actually, the only important story you really need to know is that it’s the Memorial Day holiday here in the U.S. As such, your hardworking Jalopnik staff is on limited duty so we can spend time with our beloved friends, family and project cars. Plus, no one is reading the internet today anyway.


But! If you are, we still have you covered with a day of new posts for your amusement. Please enjoy them and remember the sacrifices made by those who make your soft, Netflix-addicted life possible.

In the meantime: what are you doing for Memorial Day? Any fun car stuff? And is there any interesting car news out there you want to chat about?

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People have truly lost the meaning of what Memorial Day is all about. Now, it’s about barbecues, drinking, and spending time out doing something. We actually use the phrase “Happy Memorial Day.” Think about that. Memorial Day is supposed to be the day that we honor the Fallen, who gave their lives for our Country, in wartime. Lincoln decreed the first Memorial Day in honor of the soldiers who died in battle during the Civil War (I’m wanting to say Gettysburg, but it could have been Bull Run).

I am working today, as I am most days. However, after work, I’m going to have a “Fallen Comrade” setup at my house, in honor of family and friends that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

For my fellow jalopniks that have lost family or friends who served, I’m sorry for your loss. May God watch over you and help you find solace.

If anyone that’s reading this today is curious about how to properly set up a Fallen Comrade table, here’s a link to help you.