It’s strange how one bad experience in one car can follow us around for the rest of our lives. Like a bad smell. Or a shitty phantom.

Last week, I asked you guys for an experience that absolutely ruined a car for you. Maybe there was nothing wrong with the car at all. Maybe you were just sitting in it when something terrible happened.

Let’s investigate.

Disaster (BTDUBS)

You sound like you need a drink.

Twilight Toyota (Rusty Starship)

You see it everywhere. Everywhere it sees you.

MX-5 To The Rescue (MPA)

A blessing in disguise, perhaps.

You Did What? (The_Dirtbag)

I wasn’t the only one flabbergasted.

Smoking (Vlan1)


Fits The Stereotype (LTT)

Did you also find a vape?

“Get Out! I Smell Fuel!” (metagonzo)

Words to live by.

Good Riddance (Roadster Man)

Happy Easter.

Boxster (who knows)

No love for the first-gen Boxster.

Oh, Uh... (boon4376)


Oh, Deer (Accountants get Fiscal)

But how did the deer make out?

Listen To Some Secondhand Serenade (thedimwit)

It helps, I promise.