Watch This 'Old Toyota Truck' Catch A Ferrari 458

One of the coolest track toys you can buy—no joke—is an old NASCAR racer. Not only are they built like tanks and sound glorious, but they also make for hilarious situations like this, where a Toyota Tundra race truck chases down a Ferrari 458.

Screencap via Brian Denman

This is Brian Denman’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Tundra, whose full story can be found over on the EvolutionM forums. The truck has since been sold back to Faith Motorsports to run in NCWTS again, but Denman says he’s thinking about buying another ex-NASCAR race car.

While he had it, it was good for chasing down other track-goers’ beloved track toys, such as this Ferrari 458 here:

Denman said he couldn’t even go full throttle as the track had a 98-decibel noise limit, and even at partial throttle, he was at 103 dB. Still, even without using its full power, this thing just moves.

May these trucks’ continued existence forever be full of “I bet my Tundra can beat your [insert track weapon here].”

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