Hilarious Crash Reenactment Makes For The Best Post-Race Interview Ever

GIF via Speed Sport

Sprint Car racer Brenna Johnson gave perhaps the best angry interview of all time after getting torpedoed out of a race. Her post-race interview with Speed Sport is proof that racers should use fewer words and more sound effects, for sure.

“I was hammer down, like always,” Johnson explains to Speed Sport. “Full throttle. I’m in a transfer spot [to advance to the next race]. Here comes 9B: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPFFEW. He parked me. He parked me just like that.”


While I can appreciate the honesty of a frustrated racer willing to politely call out the racer who hit her on camera (and the fact that she didn’t say “hell” when asking him about the incident), it’s the crash reenactment that really takes the cake here.

If every racer acted out the reason why they’ve been taken out of the race, post-race interviews would be must-watch entertainment. Alternately, just let “BRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPFFFFEEWW” be the new default answer to everything because this is just great.

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