The 2018 Jeep Wrangler's Interior Actually Looks Pretty Nice

Photos credit Brian Williams/SpiedBilde, used under license
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Hey, shocking news: the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler is going to look like... a Jeep Wrangler. Despite being a completely new rock-crawler that makes use of aluminum to cut weight, the Wrangler’s looks won’t change much, because why would it need to? Fortunately, one place that seems to be hugely improved over the old Wrangler is the inside, as these new spy shots show.


The current Wrangler is great at a lot of things. Things like off-roading, having roof and door panels that pop off, and looking real badass at the mall. Interior comfort? Not so much. The Wrangler is meant to be a rugged vehicle, but even its abundance of hard plastics and outdated interface are a bit much.

Now! The 2018 Wrangler looks hella nicer inside. Besides the colored dash panels, which are a classy touch, you have an array of buttons that recall the Challenger and Charger and other Fiat Chrysler products, a huge touch screen infotainment system, far more tasteful window switches (center mounted, still) and what appear to be much nicer materials around.

Overall, it appears to be a more pleasant place to spend time while you’re doing extreme off-roading. There’s no reason the modern Wrangler can’t be tough and still nicer inside than the last one.


Do you spot any interesting details from these photos?


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