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Watch This BMW E46 Keep Driving On The Nürburgring With Its Door Open

It’s not clear exactly how this happened. Did the driver somehow not notice the door flapping around, or did they just not care? It’s an odd mishap to happen, right? Why isn’t this guy just pulling over? He’s going to lose that inner door panel, and those aren’t cheap.

That $400-$600 door panel seems to be holding on by the power wires to the window winding mechanism, and when those go, that thing will become a dangerous hazard for anyone behind him.


With that in mind, I’m going to go out on a limb and say don’t be like this guy. If your rear door flies open and you’re trailing interior trim like a kite, pull over, already. You can set your global track record later.


(Thanks, Nathaniel!)

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That’s really weird. On the E46, there are five long screws and several clips securing the interior door panel. In order to even access the screws you must pry off the decorative trim and even remove the window switch. Assuming the door were left ajar, even a halfway-installed interior panel wouldn’t just pop off.

Whoever last worked on the door panel completely forgot to re-install all 5 screws and a ton of clips. Come to think of it, you also have to unlatch the door handle to remove the door panel. But even then, the actual door latch isn’t unlatched, just the connection to the interior door handle.

E46 Internet Inspection Conclusion: I think the door panel was haphazardly installed with very little or no hardware, then the door handle wasn’t connected or wasn’t connected properly, or the door was left ajar. All that combined with the forces of driving around the track somehow convinced the door latch to open. But hey, at least they remembered to connect the speaker!