Colorado Ready To Explicitly Ban Rolling Coal After An Incredibly Stupid Debate

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The Colorado state legislature has finally passed a bill explicitly banning the practice of “rolling coal” in diesel vehicles, but only after a silly debate over the bill’s language.

The measure passed both the state house and senate after it’s latest revision, which was made only after two previous attempts in 2016 and earlier this year failed to pass, according to The Colorado Independent. What had to be revised? The original bill claimed drivers who rolled coal intended to harass other people—language that concerned some senate Republicans.


However, in order to successfully roll coal in a diesel truck, an illegal device called a “smoke switch” has to be installed, which is what allows the engine to suck in more diesel fuel and produce the thick clouds of black smoke from the exhaust. Original supporters of the bill argued that installation of such a device was evidence of intent, but the bill wasn’t budging until that part was taken out.

Nonetheless, the bill has now passed and will go on to the governor to sign into law. The measure makes rolling coal a Class A offense with the penalty of a $100 fine.


Update: This story’s headline has been updated to make clear that the bill has not yet been signed into law.