Holy Shit A Subaru BRZ STI Might Really Be Happening This Time

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What does this look like to you? This looks like a massive STI wing on a the trunk of a Subaru BRZ to me.


Could this be real? Is it the real, really real deal? Or is it just cosmetics? What is the truth?

As you can see from Subaru’s Twitter profile picture, it’s celebrating its 50th Anniversary. We heard that a BRZ STI wasn’t happening a few years ago. That’s likely no longer the case.

Recently, EVO already got a bunch of really, really clear spy photos of what could be a BRZ STI, and the visible modifications suggest, FINALLY, a significant boost in power. Is it too much to hope for a turbo at this point? (Probably yes, considering the 2015 STI concept didn’t have a turbo.)

Subaru finally did it. Maybe. They actually went and did it. Possibly. But will they do it again? Who cares, it’s here now. Probably.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik



Please let this have a turbo. And it’s not because I’m really interested in buying one, it’s just that I really don’t want to hear “if it only had a turbo, I would totally buy one” time and time again.

Although if they do turbo it, it will probably be at least 35k, the same people will be: “I’d totally buy it if it were 10k cheaper”.