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We Have No Idea How The People In This Insane Audi Crash Survived

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In an act of spectacular acrobatics, an Audi failed miserably at overtaking, instead rear-ending a vehicle, flipping over, bouncing into a light pole, catching fire, and coming to a rest in the oncoming lane.

I don’t know a whole lot about this video, but YouTuber CrazyWorld says in its description that this happened in Haifa, Israel, and that the Audi’s occupants “survived, but were seriously injured.”


That sounds like a miracle when you look at just how violent this crash was.

The video starts with what sounds like a Russian speaker trying to learn English. “How many money,” the person says, a statement followed by “How much money do you have?” from the voice over the radio.


But what starts out as a mundane, boring English lesson was then interrupted by an Audi rolling into the frame, and then flipping onto its nose, crashing into a light pole, catching fire, and landing on a Ford Edge. You can see what appears to be someone attempting to exit through the rear window just as the Ford Edge pulls forward and drops the Audi onto its wheels, where the car looks like just another one of the vehicles stuck in traffic, albeit in a little rougher shape.

It’s not entirely clear what caused this wreck, but it looks like the Audi driver—desperate to overtake the dashcam vehicle—misjudged the distance to the SUV in the right lane.

It’s amazing how much havoc one small miscalculation can wreak when you’re cruising along in a 3,500 pound mass of steel.