Fernando Alonso Kills Two Birds With One IndyCar

GIF via IndyCar

You didn’t think world’s best unlucky racer Fernando Alonso would have a perfect run of good car luck during today’s Indianapolis 500 test, did you? Au contraire, mi amigos: Alonso just mulched up two birds with his shiny new very orange Andretti Autosport IndyCar.

Fortunately, Alonso’s test has gone well so far, as he quickly knocked out the required rookie practice laps this morning. He started to test out some of the limits of the car, locking up the wheels of his IndyCar as he entered the pit lane to figure out exactly how much he can shorten that braking distance.

Unfortuantely, two birds are not doing so well. I’m quite sure those birds have ceased to be after getting hit by a car that’s been laying down average lap speeds of over 222 mph. Rest in peace, good birds of Indy.


You died for a—ah, what am I saying? Don’t fly that close to the track, birds. That’s a bad bird decision.

Alonso’s very first IndyCar test just concluded for the day, but you can rewatch the live stream here. His best lap out of 110 today had an average lap speed of 222.548 mph—not bad for the first time in the car!

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Those birds never expected the Spanish Indyquisition.