GIF via Monster Energy

Yard work sucks if all you’ve got is a push mower to tame your vast expanse of overgrown weeds and grass. What you really need is something to ride to make it much easier—like an 850-horsepower Pro-2 off-road race truck that can fly through the air once your yard has been donutted into submission.

Here’s Brian Deegan, a six-time off-road racing champion and the winningest Freestyle Motocrosser in X Games history, living out all of our yard work fantasies. Lawns are dumb. Do donuts on them!

His daughter Hailie Deegan, who also does off-road racing and stock cars, even makes an appearance to set up the story line and be on the receiving end of her dad’s gross spit-take at having ultra-lame responsibilities to take care of.

But of course, this is two minutes of delectable, gratuitous hoonage, so like most good car-centric movies, there’s no real need for a story line. Just give us the truck, the buggy, and some jumps, please.