Get A Load Of This Car's Freaky Windshield Wipers

The Alpine A310 is one of my favorite cars, what with its spectacular ‘70s French design, rear-mounted engine and surprisingly light weight. It is one of the great little-known sports cars, so little known that even I didn’t realize that its windshield wipers are from another planet.

Look at how these things wobble up across the windshield from both edges of the car. It’s like an insect trying to feel out vibrations in the air, or somebody who is really bad at clapping.

Forgive me if the audio in this video is terrible; I’m watching it with the sound off while staying in my coworker Jason Torchinsky’s basement and his dog is sleeping on me and I don’t want to wake him up. He farts when he’s awake. The dog, not Jason.


Let’s take a closer look at these wipers. Good, good. Now closer.


God, everything about the A310 is amazing, right on down to the windshield wipers. I need one of these.


(Hat tip to EMF15Q!)

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