All image credits: Mecum Auctions

Surely this is something that the world has never seen before: a ludicrously expensive Porsche 911 that went for over a million bucks at auction. Unicorn, that is. Never happened before.

This white 1996 Porsche 911 GT2 Evo was sold at Mecum’s 2017 Original Spring Classic auction last week, according to Motor Authority. The price? $1.45 million. Shut the fuck up.

Okay, so it was one of eleven. And it only has about 4,300 miles on the clock. And it’s got 600 horsepower from its 3.6-liter flat-six. Air-cooled. Designed to compete in FIA GT1.


Oh, I see: now the price tag makes sense. Totally. This Porsche is special. I don’t think something like this will happen again, though. Seeing a Porsche fetch over a million dollars at auction, I mean. Definitely not. People aren’t that into these cars.