This Abandoned Toyota Supra In The Woods Of Japan Will Make You Cry Your Eyes Out

Photo: Noriyaro/YouTube (screengrab)

After hearing “The Legend Of The Unrecoverable Supra,” Alexi from Japanese car-culture website Noriyaro searched the mountains of Japan and actually tracked down the fabled abandoned A70 Toyota Supra. What he found would break any JDM-enthusiast’s heart.

Who knows how long this Supra has been sitting at the bottom of the steep Japanese hillside, but what is clear is that this particular A70 has been there long enough to become one with nature, as rocks and leaves envelop its gorgeous, angular body. Some of the windows are broken, too, and the interior—which is missing seats and a steering wheel, among other things—is covered in spiderwebs.

The video leaves us with more questions than answers, though. Does the thing have a 1JZ-GTE under the hood? Is it salvageable? Is there a road at the top of the hillside? Did the driver make it out without injury? Did anyone actually try to recover this thing? When did this happen?


Alexi points out that the handbrake is down, suggesting that perhaps the car rolled down the hill. But of course, the handbrake would be down if the car had been driven off the hillside as well. So who knows how this car got there.

Since it’s got a roll cage, I’m just going to imagine that this Supra was executing the most gorgeous, half-mile long, smoky drift in history around a beautiful Japanese mountain road, when it fell to its demise. Because that’s the proper way for a Supra to go down.

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