Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe C4 ‘Vette is described as having ONE MILE on a set of rebuilt heads. It has a LOT more than that in total, and a kind of sketchy history, but will its price make it all worthwhile?

Fully 60-percent of you were not onboard with the seller’s price for last Friday’s Cummins-powered 1970 Ford F250. That was despite its seemingly honest if unnecessarily artistic presentation and the popularity of Ford’s trucks in general.


In fact, Ford’s F-series is, without debate, America’s truck. More of them are sold in this country than any other vehicle, and hence the F-series has become an indelible part of the American pastiche.

What however, might just be America’s car? Is it Ford’s Model T? No, while once great, it has fallen into the dusty pages of the history books. How about America’s current top selling car—the Toyota Camry? I think not as well. While the Camry is built here, and thousands are sold to satisfied customers here each year, it’s simply not representative of this country’s character. Not enough drama or unwarranted judgement there.


Nope, I think if you want to have a car that’s the embodiment of Reagan riding an eagle, firing an M16 while Roadhouse dis-en-throating ISIS, then pretty much your only option is Corvette. I’m confident that you’ll all agree about that. What you might not agree upon of course is which Corvette?

Well, how about this 1996 C4 Corvette Coupé? It’s black on black like it’s some sort of Navy Seal Special Ops fighter, and looks totally bad ass even though it’s wearing… heh, heh, a car bra.


Nineteen Ninety Six was the final model year for the C4 edition of the Corvette, and by the time this car had rolled off the line a lot of what had been questionable about the model had been addressed. That meant some smoother looks on the outside, and a more driver-oriented, albeit still distressingly plastic dash inside and a lot more ponies under the hood.

This one has what looks like a decent body, and the reassuring claim of no rust on the steel frame underneath its molded plastic panels. The interior is likewise seemingly in serviceable shape, although the seats show a good bit of wear, and man but the design and build quality of that dash leaves a lot to be desired. There’s a modern Pioneer head unit in there, and the gearbox is an automatic so you are sadly at risk for carjacking in this ride.


It’s really the mechanicals that makes this ‘Vette a bit of a mixed bag though. First off, there’s 211,000 miles on the clock. That being said, the car apparently just received a rebuild on the aluminum heads for its 300-bhp LT1, and has only done a mile since then. Geez, can you even shake down a major effort like that in that short a distance?

The ad also notes that the engine and transmission were rebuilt about 100K ago, although the seller has no paperwork to support that assertion.


Other issues include A/C that’s not working, a radio mast that needs some Viagra, a cold air intake that has to be replaced with the factory job for the emissions test, and a starter that apparently occasionally gets tired of your shit. That last one’s okay though because the seller says he has the lifetime warranty from AutoZone to replace it for free.

He also notes that the back tires will need replacing soon. The thing is though, he has the front wheels on the wrong side. The uni-directional tires face the right way, but the wheels upon which they’re mounted are on bass-akwards.

Seeing that, I’d want to check everything out for myself.


You might want to check out this Corvette, and in fact might even be interested in purchasing it if the price is right. Yes, it needs a good bit of sorting, but the asking is all sorts of intriguing—$4,500.

You now have all the info you need to decide if that’s a good deal or a ripoff, and I’d like to see your opinions in the votes and the comments below. What do you think, does that price seem fair for the car as described? Or, is that just too much to live this American dream?

You decide!


San Francisco Bay Area Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to onlytwowheels for the hookup!

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