For $12,500, Would You Buy Dee Snider’s 1999 Shelby Durango SP360?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Durango is claimed to have been once owned by Twisted Sister’s lead singer. Let’s see if that fact makes this custom sport utility’s price rock your world.

Nigerian princes, guys who want to build walls, and infomercial hucksters are all people whose advocacy of your best interests should be taken with a grain of salt. Now, I’m not lumping the seller of yesterday’s 1973 VW SP2 in with those purveyors of snake oil but his offer to extract the car from Brazil after you’d given him nearly forty grand did raise an eyebrow or three. That price tag also engendered a solid 88-percent Crack Pipe vote, sealing the deal that the car should simply stay in South America.


You probably know the glam-metal clown-school band Twisted Sister for their pair of hits that fell into heavy MTV rotation back in the eighties. If however, you’ve seen the documentary on the band’s life—We’re Twisted F**king Sister—then you’ll also know them as one of the hardest working bar bands Ho-Ho-Kus Borough New Jersey has ever produced.

The lead singer of the band, Dee Snider once owned this 1999 Shelby Durango SP360, and today, so could you.

First off however, Shelby Durango SP360? Yeah, there’s a tale to be told about this car’s origin. Apparently, the idea for it came from a company called Performance West Group which originally wanted to create a tire smoking Durango but couldn’t get anybody on board for a PWG SP (Super Pursuit). They went and paid Carroll Shelby a butt-load of money to use his name on the car, and Shelby, never one to turn down money, agreed. The Shelby Durango SP360 was thus born.


That name still had the SP but appended to that was the number 360. That was supposedly the horsepower that the 5.9-litre V8 made by way of a Kenne-Bell screw-type supercharger on one side, and a fat exhaust on the other. The supercharger was a dealer installed option and added about then-grand to the truck’s already eye-watering for a Durango forty-four thousand dollar price tag. That money additionally got you some other mods including a dropped suspension, six pot front brakes, and chrome turbine alloy wheels.


This one lacks the wheels, and sadly, the blower, but it does seem to have much of the rest of the Shelby garb that made this a Durango you wouldn’t kick out of Dodge.


When new, the trucks could be had in any color you wanted, as long as that was Viper GTS blue with white racing stripes. That all covers a custom front bumper with integrated driving lights, a hood with integrated, but non-functional scoops, rocker extensions, and rear valance that looks like its missing some exhaust tips.

Overall the body looks to be in great shape and not evidencing any evidence of damage or age-related wear. Also, aside from the minivan tail lamps, this generation Durango doesn’t look all that badly aged today.


Inside there’s Cerullo buckets up front with Shelby’s name embroidered on the backs, a custom sound system, carbon fiber trim on the dash, and probably a TS CD banging around in the glovebox. The seller says that the A/C blows cold and that all the stuff that’s supposed to move does while the stuff that shouldn’t stays in place. There’s no apparent rips or tears in the upholstery and while a ‘90s Mopar interior might not be the classiest thing around, this one still looks perfectly serviceable. Mileage is listed as 000000 which is really low so take that into account too.


Production numbers for the SP360 are spotty at best. The seller of this one claims 160, while others peg the total closer to 300. Regardless, only one was ever owned by Dee-Effing-Snider and that’s this one. The seller has the original sales documentation and a lock of Dee’s hair in a jar to one day enslave his soul to prove it.


Okay, I’m just spitballing about the whole hair/slave thing, but the car is apparently the real deal, and so its its price. The seller is asking $12,500 for Dee’s truck, and while it would be nice if it had the Kenne-Bell blower, who says you couldn’t still add that now and then show up at Snider’s house and throw that in his face?

What’s your take on this Twisted Sister of a Shelby and that $12,500 price? Does that make you want to rock on? Or, do you say blown or no-go?


You decide!


Miami FL Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to CletusJBrockelstein, happily in the grays since Deadspin was interesting for the hookup!


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