That Story About A 180 MPH Hellcat Test Drive Is Totally Fake

Here’s a headline guaranteed to grab The Clicks: “Florida Man Arrested After 180 MPH Hellcat Test Drive.” And while this wouldn’t really be out of character for Florida Man, America’s last hero, this story is just some made up internet bullshit.

A story has been making the rounds about a salesperson at a Florida car dealer who went out on a Charger Hellcat test drive and got that bad boy all the way up to 180 mph. Of course, Florida Highway Patrol was having none of those shenanigans, and tracked the car back to the dealer and arrested the driver. The story goes that the passenger was so impressed he bailed the salesperson out of jail.


Wow, cool, humanity restored, etc. Except the whole deal is actually fake:

If you click the main link for “Channel 22 News” you get this:


“Create A Fake Story And Trick All Your Friends.” Yes, let’s all make fake news stories that look somewhat legit to trick the idiots on social media with no critical thinking skills.

Jalopnik called the dealership, and an official there confirmed that the entire story was indeed made up.


The person who published the post is the dealership’s “internet sales manager” at Thunder Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and he probably missed the memo that if you put fake shit on the internet people are going to find out and laugh for it.

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