What Is The Best Beach Car?

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If I’m completely honest with myself, I have to come to terms that my next vehicle will more than likely be a convertible sports car. This doesn’t mean I’m actually getting a convertible anytime soon, but the want is strong and I need to know which is the best sooner than later.

I’m currently hanging out at the beach, and on my way in I caught myself inspecting a Mistubishi Eclipse Spyder cruising along in front of me with some slight envy. I began to wonder what car would be good for me.


Of course, anybody who is somebody will consider a Mercedes SL, but my recent love letter to the BMW 2 Series has me very smitten.

But now I pass this age-old question upon thee—what is the best beach car? I’m imagining more of just a cruise-along-the-coast ride, but you may consider the optimum approach to be something with sand-tackling durability or opposite-sex attracting noise and horsepower.

Whatever your poison, help me out as I begin shopping 3, 4, ten years out for my next car purchase.