Here's The Super Sexy Jaguar I-Pace Before You're Supposed To See It

Screenshot via.
Screenshot via.

After just recently entering the crossover game, Jaguar is already fast on track to produce one of the first genuinely attractive electric crossover offerings with the Jaguar I-Pace in a market finally heating up in the looks department.


Video of what appears to be the filming of a promotional video with the new Jaguar I-Pace seems to give us a first look at what the production electric crossover will look like.

Spoiler alert for the inevitable ad campaign, but the I-Pace was on the Monaco Grand Prix F1 circuit.

The I-Pace concept car claimed 400 hp and over 500 lb-ft of torque, with an electric range of 220 miles on a charge. Jaguar claimed it could fully recharge in just two hours using a 50 KW DC charging network.

Jaguar has long been flaunting the new I-Pace, guaranteeing it for production almost immediately. I’d wager it’s making the smart move, especially against Tesla. Where Tesla zigs with the Model 3 as compact sedan, Jag will zag with a powerful, attractive electric crossover.

You can be mad but damn if this thing isn’t perfectly primed to be the future.

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That’s “pretty” these days? Looks like a rejected Alfa Romeo concept. Whatever happened to Jaguars being sleek, rather than just blobs with angry faces and big wheels?