Faraday Future Is Still Out Here Trying To Make It Happen: Video

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We’re nearly halfway through 2017, and as far as we know, Faraday Future still believes it’s going to restart production on its Nevada factory this year. The company’s dealing with lawsuits about its name, its website, and its alleged inability to pay contractors on time. But it has a production vehicle, the FF 91, and there’s a new video of it here.

The video’s titled “Emergence,” which, who knows, maybe it’s a reference to FF emerging from a slumber it has been in since this January’s CES conference. A number of photos and videos have emerged of the start-up’s flagship vehicle, but this appears to offer one of the clearest examples of what the crossover electric car looks like.


If you don’t recall, the FF 91 is pegged as a theoretical Tesla-killer, thanks to its 1,050 horsepower electric motor, and it’s designed to be equipped for full automation.

That’s, again, in theory. Whether the FF 91 becomes anything but a prototype depends on Faraday securing enough cash to finish construction of the Nevada factory—and by many accounts, things aren’t looking to good for its main backer, the CEO behind Chinese tech star LeEco.

But in the meantime, here’s a video of FF keeping the dream alive.

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