Just A Porsche Rock Crawling And Mudding With Some Jeeps Like It's No Big Deal

When most people think of off-roading, few think of a Porsche, but the Cayenne is far more capable than its scourge-of-Nordstrom’s-parking-lot reputation would suggest. Here’s a Cayenne Turbo crashing an off-road day with the Camden County Georgia Jeep Club, just gettin’ muddy like it’s no big deal.

This is another delightful video from the Spectro Racing crew whose 2004 Cayenne Turbo named “Sea Beef” first delighted and amused us with footage of high-class luxury motoring in the mud. Mind you, this was a truck that cost $88,900 when it was new.

Some corners of the Internet weren’t satisfied with the mild off-roading in their first video, though, so they decided to take the big Pepperwagen on some tougher off-road trails for the ultimate Porsche vs. Jeep showdown. Sometimes they fare better than the Jeeps. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the Porsche’s winch comes to the rescue.

But there’s no question that Sea Beef the Cayenne can hang, raised-up airbag suspension and all. Then again, I’d feel kind of cheated if a truck that started at $88,900 when it was new didn’t kick some ass off-road.


(You can check out the build specs on some of the Jeeps they ran with on their YouTube link here.)

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