Watch This Giant Dump Truck Fart Out An Actual Fireball

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The Belaz 75710 is, put simply, one big fat freaking dump truck. You could fit a decent Brooklyn apartment inside a tire on this thing. And when one of them catches on fire, the boom is roughly supernova-sized.

It’s not clear what exactly triggered this explosion, but I’m quite certain that this is what a typical tire change on a Belaz 75710 looks like. This is because, as commenter colorfulyawn pointed out, the truck is so big its name is a zip code and it’s capable of hauling nearly 500 tons of mined rock.


Even though the video ends pretty abruptly, it doesn’t look like the truck is any worse for wear after the explosion. I wonder if they’ll sell me one to navigate the BQE ...?

via Speed Society

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