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Police Arrest 8-Year-Old Florida Girl And Charge Her With Felony Car Burglary

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all know about the wild and wacky adventures of Florida Man, but somehow, we all forgot that Florida Man may have a child. Police confronted this “Florida Child,” an eight year old in Palm Bay, Florida, at her elementary school, and eventually arrested her, Florida Today reports.

The article says police have video of the Florida Child and her Florida Friend entering a stranger’s unoccupied car on May 8, and rummaging through the vehicle with a flashlight.


Officers used the surveillance footage to identify the girl, and confront her at her elementary school. Floriday Today says that, upon speaking with the officers, she gave up the names of her 13 year-old male accomplice and an older girl who tagged along.

The police later arrested the eight year-old girl at her home after confirming with the mother that the Florida Child was indeed the one in the surveillance tape.


Lt. Mike Bandish with the Palm Bay police department implied that he sort of had to arrest the young child, saying:

It is a felony. There has to be a charge...Also, my understanding is that she was not placed in a lock-up situation...Normally, you see kids start this kind of activity when they’re older, maybe 14 or 15 years old.

The girl has been charged with burglary and attempted theft, and is set appear in juvenile court on June 2, Florida Today writes. The older girl who was with her and her friend reportedly wasn’t involved in the incident and will not face charges, though the 13 year-old boy has also been charged with burglary. There’s no word on what, if anything, was stolen from the vehicle.

So we know Florida Man. Now we’ve got two examples of “Florida Child.” What’s next?