Paris Hilton's Younger Brother Being Arrested For Felony Auto Theft: 'I’m Conrad Motherfucking Hilton'

Conrad Hilton, the 23-year-old younger brother of professional skinny person Paris Hilton, was charged with felony auto theft today after allegedly stealing a Bentley over the weekend, driving it to an ex-girlfriend’s house and violating a restraining order.

According to The New York Daily News, cops found Hilton outside of his ex-girlfriend Hunter Salomon’s house in the Hollywood Hills with a Bentley he apparently stole from her dad, professional poker player Rick Salomon. She had put a restraining order on him after they broke up.

From the story:

Hilton, the younger brother of socialite sisters Paris and Nicky, was due to appear in court but “refused” to leave his jail cell Tuesday, court sources told the Daily News.

His absence caused a delay in his arraignment and his family’s plan to post his $60,000 bail on the condition he’s hospitalized, sources told The News.

One source close to the situation said parents Rick and Kathy Hilton want their son to get a mental health evaluation following his arrest for allegedly stealing a Bentley belonging to his ex-girlfriend’s father and driving it over to the ex’s house in violation of her stay-away order.


If Hilton is convicted on these charges, he could face up to almost four years in prison.

In a video obtained by TMZ, you can hear Hilton yelling homophobic insults at the arresting officers. “I’m Conrad motherfucking Hilton,” he yelled. “Don’t you forget it.”

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Wait. I just did some internet sleuthing:

Hunter Salomon is the daughter of Rick Salomon.

Rick Salomon starred in an adult film in the early 2000's titled “One Night in Paris.”

Opposite of Rick Salomon in that film performed *snicker* Paris Hilton.

So this kid was seeing the daughter of a guy that his older sister used to... ahem?