Never gonna be like this, is it? Photo Credit: Mazda
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Every so often people ask me what I plan on doing to my car, and it’s hard to formulate an answer.

I have my immediate to-do list of parts to buy (one carburetor is fine, two is finer), but I don’t quite have a set endpoint in mind. I just want a car that’s good to drive, that’s comfortable and sounds good and puts a smile on my face.

But maybe this is exactly the kind of mindset that’s gonna do me in. Maybe this is how you end up with neverending projects in a constant state of disrepair.

Today we saw Hoonigan’s Hert getting roasted by his coworkers over his engineless FC RX-7.


This is not a rare state of being for an RX-7, as reader Jerry Harding pointed out...just before readers I hoon, therefore I am and HiViz pointed out that even this is kind of redundant:

Indeed, maybe there is no such thing as a finished car project. Maybe we are all committed to endlessness.