The 8 Series is actually coming back in 2018, and BMW had planned to give internet fanboys who have been dreaming of this for decades a concept design this weekend. Well the weekend is here early, as photos of the concept have allegedly leaked.


The images were appropriately scooped by Carscoops, and show a very, very lovely looking concept coupe. Since the scooplet doesn’t go into any detail of where exactly these images are from, they may just be some random, excellently executed fan rendering based off of the teaser image, which is the only official image of the new 8 Series BMW has released.

If it is the real deal, to my eyes, BMW spent a lot of time staring at the lovely Aston Martin Vantage before drawing up a handsome coupe for themselves. I even spent time myself going through Vantage press photos to make sure these images weren’t edited from them (the window kink is particularly telling).

We’ll find out if these images are in fact the real deal when BMW officially shows off the 8 Series concept design on Friday.


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