It's Kind Of Weird That The BMW 6 Series Coupe Was Discontinued First

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BMW is one of many carmakers guilty of naming things that are not coupes coupes. Which is what made the 6 Series Coupe cool—it was actually a coupe. With two doors and everything. But before you get too excited by this reminder, know that BMW isn’t making them anymore.

BMW confirmed to our friends at Road & Track that the 6 Series Coupe did indeed sneakily go out of production in February. The website also notes that while you can still buy a new one from dealerships that have them, it’s unclear whether or not BMW will make more new ones.

The current 6 Series shares a platform with the previous-generation 5 Series. Now, the new 5 Series has an all-new platform, which would presumably lead to a new 6 Series eventually. But what’s weird is that BMW got rid of the Coupe instead of the four-door Gran Coupe, which would eliminate some redundancy in its lineup.


Maybe the fall of the executive 6 Series Coupe means the revival of the 8 Series.

In an email, a BMW spokesperson responded, “The 6 Series Coupe end of production was on February, 2017. As is the case with other vehicles in our line-up, model lifecycle is unique to each vehicle.”

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8 out of 10 6-Series that I see are Gran Coupes. People want 4-doors, even if they never use them. I’d need a head amputation to fit in that back seat.