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Here Are The Best Ways You've Gotten Out Of A Traffic Ticket

Illustration for article titled Here Are The Best Ways Youve Gotten Out Of A Traffic Ticket
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

Getting pulled over is just an inherent part of driving. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most law-abiding driver in the world—it just happens sometimes. But whether or not you walk away with a ticket isn’t always guaranteed.


Last week, I asked you guys how you got out of your traffic tickets. For the most part, being cordial and honest seemed to work well enough.


For everything else—well, just keep reading.

Bathroom Break (dchampion1)

Suddenly, you just need to go.

Irn Bru (olde_waggoner)

The most Scottish thing you’ll read today.


Compliments (Derel1cte)

See also: kissing ass.


Bigger Fish To Fry (BubTastic)

Wonder where he had to get to.


Technical Difficulties (Geoff Worling)

Thank God for electronic gremlins.


Boss Lady (Axel Cortez)

FancyKristen approves.


Focus (cazzyodo)

That brand loyalty, though.


Code Brown (Fookin’ Prawns)

I, too, enjoyed District 9.


Free Bird (Elongated Tusk)

I mean... have you heard that guitar solo?


Majestic (Das Shtig)

If you do read this, I have a few questions...What kind of wax do you use (if you do)? How long did that take to grow out? Do you do it up every morning before you leave the house?


Kill Them With Politeness (The English Guy)

Username checks out.


Two Stories (Carly Z)

That’s what grandmas and Best Buy are for.


Code Yellow (ChrisBusiness)

A little bit gross, but whatever gets you off the hook!


Stupid (BC1BC2BC3

Just fess up.


Conversion (clackmannan)

Easy mistake to make.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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I think one that was overlooked was where the mom had two young 18 month old twins (I think that’s how old they were), got pulled over and reached back to yank out pacifiers. Kids are crying, cop walks up, hears them crying and gives a warning.