This BAC Mono Police Car Once Again Proves The Isle Of Man Is The Greatest Place On Earth

No, this isn’t the car for arresting anybody, although I’d love to see the police try in the speed and driving haven that is the Isle of Man.

BAC paired up with the Isle of Man government and created an active BAC Mono police car for the fleet. It will serve as a showpiece at public events to encourage responsible and safe driving. Using a one-seater track toy to push that narrative seems like it would have the opposite effect to me, but what do I know.


The Mono is decked out in police livery. Police Chief Andy Greaves, the lucky bastard who gets to drive it, was “full of excitement.” No shit, I would be, too. He said,

“It’s a remarkable vehicle, and clearly will be of huge interest to bikers and car drivers alike. We are here to promote safe use of the road, and it’s amazing how many people want to talk to you when this is your transport.”

He will drive the Mono around to attract attention in order to spread the word on safe driving. A noble cause.

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