Biker Stuck On A Speeding Car: 'Can't Believe You Right Now, Dude'

(Image Credit: HD2/YouTube)

This is not another example of “lane splitting gone wrong,” but it is a classic case of a dingus driver making multiple simultaneous mistakes and damn near killing somebody with their inattentiveness. The motorcyclist literally just sighs as he’s carried down the road on the car’s trunk. Has this happened before?

We open from the perspective of a camera-wearing Harley-Davidson rider cruising along in the carpool lane, which is legal in California. Then this dumb fired Camry goes and makes a double lane change, blindly threading the needle between two cars while crossing the double-yellow line into the carpool lane, cutting off the bike and causing it to crash. At least he used his turn signal, not that it did much good.

The biker rear-ends the Camry, lands on its trunk, and has to repeatedly slam the car’s rear window to get the driver’s attention and make him stop.

Was the motorcycle moving a little too quickly if it couldn’t stop in time? Perhaps, but this Camry was clearly barely under the command of the person behind the wheel. Can’t say I’m surprised to see a phone in the driver’s lap when he’s confronted by the biker, either.


Voilà- perhaps one of the most dramatic births of a Camry Dent you’ll ever see.

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Seriously? The Camry driver AND passenger HAD to be high! Look at them! They have no clue the biker is even standing there let alone yelling at them though honestly, the biker had an extraordinary amount of control.

Geez Louise, that’s one of the first things husband and I taught our daughters because we both ride. LOOK. OUT. FOR. THE. BIKES! Drummed into their heads. Look before you change lanes! Don’t ride their arse! Don’t ride the line next to them. Give them extra room!