Comment Of The Day: That's Why Porsche Makes The Big Bucks

The 911 of my youth. Photo Credit: Porsche
The 911 of my youth. Photo Credit: Porsche

Born in 1989, I grew up thinking of Porsche as a small, kind of weird and old-fashioned yuppie car company a few decades removed from its brief glory days. Now it’s one of the most profitable automakers in the business, and there’s a reason why.

No other car company is as good at extracting money from customer’s wallets like Porsche. There are innumerable options and trims that make it possible to find some way to get extra cash out of any potential buyer. Did you ever wish for leather-lined air vents? You probably didn’t. But somebody did, and Porsche knows how to make a profit off of them.


In any case, we found out today that Dodge wants a mere $22,500 more for a Dodge Demon compared to a Hellcat. Oddly, there’s not too much headroom above that price, as just about everything past it (including a passenger seat) is a $1 option.

Reader EricG saw the folly of Dodge’s ways:


Indeed. Porsche can get people to pay six figures for a car slower than the model it’s based on. Why doesn’t Dodge follow its lead? Charge more for less! You could get some extra money for not fitting those seats.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Congratulations, Mr. EricG, on COTD! My award to you is a Porsche which this lovely lady will deliver soon. The Porsche has no leather-lined air vents, but the lovely lady has leather-lined shoes.