The New Mercedes CLS Might Actually Not Look Terrible

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The Mercedes CLS was one of the earliest known tragedies of the four-door coupe trend, and we never really forgave it. However, many years later, these four-door coupes don’t look too, too bad anymore, and a camouflaged peek at what may be the next CLS doesn’t seem like it will be completely terrible.

Both generations of the Mercedes-Benz CLS have looked pretty much horrific, with depressed, melty, curvy lines and disjointed, misaligned and borderline graphic proportions and features. But it hasn’t failed the brand, and now there seems like there will be a third generation and it may not end up so horrible.


Popular automotive YouTuber Matt Watson of Carwow spotted what appears to be the next generation CLS while test-driving a new Volvo, and at a camouflaged, highway-speed glance, it already looks much, much better.

The maybe-new-CLS was also spotted with a mystery SUV, but the notable car is definitely the sedan. The taillaights, for the first time, don’t appear to droop into a pit of despair, and the curve of the roof and nose-to-boot proportions seem like Mercedes has finally worked out something that’s unique from the rest of the model lineup without being downright offensive to look at.


We haven’t publicly heard much about the next CLS, so who knows if this is even a possible third-generation—it sure does look like it though. If it is, and if it’s out testing, we’d hopefully be seeing it soon for the 2018 or 2019 model year.


Please Mercedes, spare us another woeful beast.