This New Luxury Sleeper Train In Japan Is Beautiful And Insane

Sweeping glass windows for scenic views, specially designed nickel silver cutlery, cypress bathtubs. Japan has a new ultra-luxurious sleeper train in service starting today, and man, it’s unbelievable.

Announced back in 2014, the new “Train Suite Shiki-shima” operated by JR East debuted Monday, and there’s already a crazy demand for it, according to the South China Morning Post, which said a lottery for seats on launch day was oversubscribed 76-fold. You can see why. Look at this thing!


A single trip costs bare minimum $2,865, the SCMP reports, for either a two or four day trip and upward of $8,500—which makes sense given there’s only room to hold 34 people on the train.

Our sister site Gizmodo summed it up perfectly at the time the new service was announced in 2014: It’s like a rolling Park Avenue apartment.


Look at this dining hall!


The lounge car has some eye-popping stuff, as well, according to the SCMP:

The sofas at the lounge car use bentwood, made using the traditional technique of bending wood with steam, while carpets from Oriental Carpet Mills , known for its works at the Vatican Palace and Kyoto State Guest House, are used inside the train.


The SCMP’s more complete run-down of the service can be found here, but in the meantime, damn, is this thing wild or what.

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