Grr Mean-Looking Grr

Photo Credit: Nissan
Photo Credit: Nissan

Too nice-looking. Too friendly. Goofy, said critics of the Nissan Leaf’s headlights. WELL, NO MORE.


Above, you’ll see a snarly and formidable image: a teaser of the new Leaf’s headlight, awash in contrasted lighting and heavy vignetting. It’s got edges! Angles! Defined lines!

Look at the current Leaf:

Illustration for article titled Grr Mean-Looking Grr

It’s so cute!

The new one will look MEAN. No more will people berate the poor Nissan Leaf for looking soft and harmless.

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What a releaf! This is going to be unbeleafably mean looking and I’m glad they branched out since the last one certainly did leave a lot to be desired.