Would You Pay $7,995 For This 2003 BMW 325XiT… Or Are You Yella?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 325XiT say’s it’s the only Dakar Yellow wagon in existence. We’ll just have to see if its price has you seeing red.

When it comes to colors, yesterday’s 2004 Saab 9-5 wagon was all about the silver and gold. That’s because it was painted in a metallic silver, and it asked a modest portion of its buyer’s gold. That portion was in fact so modest that when weighed against the value of the Saab it engendered a solid 90-percent Nice Price win.


Far more expensive, but seemingly rare owing to its hue—and rocking the right kind of gearbox—comes today’s 2003 BMW 325XiT. The seller says that it is located in Jupiter and before you start to freak out you should know that’s a city in Florida and not the gas giant planet. By the way, did you know that if Jupiter—the planet—was Hindu, the red spot might just indicate that it was married? I know, fun fact, right?

Okay, enough with the science, Neil deGrasse Tyson, what about the car!

Well, here we have an E46 that’s sporting a number of desirable features. It’s a Touring, which is both handsome and handy—thanks Red Green—and it sports BMW’s very capable rear-biased AWD system. The engine is the lesser 2.5-litre six (184-bhp) but the Getrag box backing it up should help make the most of that corral.

The big deal according to the ad however, is the car’s color. It’s painted in Dakar Yellow, and is claimed to be the only E46 wagon to be so hued. Actually the ad specifically says that it’s the only one “known to exist” but that’s a pretty vague attestation seeing as we don’t actually know the scope of the seller’s experience.


We’ll just take him or her at their word however, and check out the rest of the car. It’s said to have the Sport package and sure enough, there are sport seats and wheel up in front. Both of those, as well as the rest of the interior look to be in perfectly serviceable shape despite the snow flurries that seem to be taking place in the provided through-the-door pic. There’s some abrasion of the the leather on the driver’s seat bolster and while we can’t see it I’d bet you that the weather stripping at the rocker there is worn-through as they all seem to do that, even the yellow ones.


The exterior looks equally tidy and I must ask, hasn’t the E46 aged well? This was the last 3-series to have separate, albeit tucked-in bumpers, and that strong horizontal line that they define and is carried through the car really establishes a presence. The turbines help in the looks department too. And yes, this was a Chris Bangle jam.


The car comes with a clean title and 159,000 miles on the clock. With no maintenance records noted in the ad, that mileage might be seen as a red flag. Another might be the consideration that the E46 was the first 3-series to really pile on the systems and features—rain sensing wipers, sat-nav, etc—and that’s all more that over time could go wrong.


We’re out of time however, and so it’s now incumbent on you to vote on this Dakar BMW’s price. According to the window sticker provided in the ad, its original price tag was $39,145.00. That’s a lot of cash and fortunately it’s not asking that now. No, the current price is $7,995, and if you check out 325XiTs around town you’ll note that’s on the high end. It is however one of the few with a stick, and, according to the ad, the only one in this particular shade of yellow.

What’s your take on this E46 and that $7,995 price? Does that sound like a done deal? Or, is that just too much green just for the yellow?


You decide!


Miami FL Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Glemon for the hookup!

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