Actual Sanctioned Fight To Happen At NASCAR For A Change

Photo credits: Chris Graythen/Getty Images (left), Gregory Payan/AP Images (right)
Photo credits: Chris Graythen/Getty Images (left), Gregory Payan/AP Images (right)

It’s finally happening. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Time is a flat circle. The great words spoken by the Monster Bros have become our reality. NASCAR, the hockey of motorsports, is hosting a sanctioned Bellator MMA fight during its upcoming race weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Praise be to the bro.


The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race weekend will include a fighting ring for four bouts of Bellator MMA of May 20, reports ESPN. If you’d like to see non-drivers fighting each other at the All-Star Race, the ring will be in the fan zone outside the grandstands, by (of course) the Monster Energy display.

We’ll still have to see if Kyle Busch throws a punch after the race, but the almost too on-the-nose addition of MMA now guarantees that someone, somewhere will be fighting during a NASCAR race weekend.

The fight will be free for fans to attend, and as they are in North Carolina, at least one North Carolinian fighter will be in each bout. Sadly, ESPN notes that the fights will not be televised for those of us off-site to enjoy, as Fox owns the television rights to NASCAR weekends and Bellator’s TV deal is with Spike.

Monster plans to bring Bellator MMA fights to additional NASCAR tracks later this year in conjunction with their bro-mighty sponsorship of NASCAR’s top-level Cup series.

All hail Lord Bro, Great Foreseer of All Things. NASCAR has come full circle to become a fancy fighting-place with some cars involved. We tip our flattest of brims to you, Monster Bro-verlords, for making this happen.

It’s perfect. Too perfect. I shall now await time to implode upon itself for the coming of the end times. Let us prepare ourselves for the great NASPOCALYPSE.

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Ash78, voting early and often

The fights need to happen Thunderdome-style using weapons made from sponsors’ products. For example, a supersoaker filled with laundry detergent against a slingshot loaded with M&Ms. It’ll be a lot more exciting than the F1 version, where everyone just smokes for 30 years to see who dies first.