Photo credit: Steven Harrell

Porsche-chu! No, wait. Pika-leven! Porsche-mon? Whatever you call this 1980 Porsche 911SC dressed up as everyone’s favorite pocket monster Pikachu, it rules.

Photo credit: Steven Harrell

This is gmporschenut‚Äôs car from the first-ever OppositeLock Rally‚ÄĒa big, cross-Connecticut scavenger hunt put on by members of OppositeLock.

It sounds a lot less cute than it looks.

I‚Äôd make a ‚Äúgotta catch ‚Äėem all‚ÄĚ joke, but this is a fine Porsche sports car with a cute mouth, ears and big rosy Pok√©mon cheeks. It‚Äôs faster than that stupid Zubat that always darts away in the game. Catching it will be tough!


For those of you outraged that a vintage Porsche would be transformed into a cuddly cartoon, fret not‚ÄĒone of gmporschenut‚Äôs posts suggests that this is probably plasti-dip.