How To Lose A Race In Only Half A Lap

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Colton Herta was running close to the front of the pack as the Indy Lights field went into Turn 2 of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Key word: was. Then he demonstrated how you can lose a race after only two turns. Oops.


Indy Lights’ Freedom 100 is a support race for this weekend’s Indianapolis 500. It’s the main feeder series right below IndyCar.

Herta says he saw Dalton Kellett below him on the banking, but made contact with Kellett anyway, sending Herta’s car up the banking where it ran into Ryan Norman’s car.


Fortunately, the only injury seems to be minor, as Herta was icing down his hand when speaking to commentators afterwards. However, he’s unfortunately given us all a prime example of what not to do on the very first lap of a race.

Yet a dumb first-lap crash is is no way to follow up last year’s insanely good photo finish at Indianapolis. Fortunately, it looks like they got the crashing out of the way on the first lap. Matheus Leist ultimate won from pole position, which was his first oval win ever.

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“This is a rule of racing: No race has ever been won in the first corner; many have been lost there.”
Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain