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Japanese IndyCar driver Takuma Sato shocked the world when he won this weekend’s Indianapolis 500 by only .2011 of a second. Few expected Sato, who had one other IndyCar win to his name in 2013, to win IndyCar’s biggest show. Perhaps the most shocked of all, though, was the Japanese commentary team.

This picks up the last few laps of the race, right as Sato makes the pass for the lead with five laps to go. That sets the commentators off with excited, nervous shouts, but they really go nuts when Sato successfully fends off a pass attempt from Helio Castroneves with only two laps to go.


Sato was one of the remaining Andretti Honda cars after two of his teammates had heartbreaking engine failures earlier in the race. No doubt this added to the nerves, as the commentary booth stayed silent for a long stretch of Sato’s final lap. When Sato got to the last couple turns however, they couldn’t hold it any longer.

Sato’s run to the checkered flag is the most excited I’ve ever heard anyone get on television. Sato is screaming for joy from in his car and the commentary team is screaming right along with him. It’s just wonderful.

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