St. Louis City Workers Pave Road Around This Dumb Parked Kia

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If you think about it, parking your car anywhere besides at your own house is kind of a scary thing. Cars are valuable, and, weirdly, it’s totally normal for us to just leave them on the sides of streets, sometimes for hours. Most of the time, the cars sit, unmolested. During those other times, especially when the city workers of St. Louis gets involved, uh, stuff happens.

Last weekend, the Kingshighway bridge in St. Louis, MO, reopened. City workers were still laying down asphalt on Saturday morning when they encountered an obstacle, reports the Riverfront Times. It was a blue Kia, which was parked legally, by the way.


Apparently, no one had posted a “no parking” sign on the street before laying down the asphalt. This meant the workers couldn’t call a tow truck.

So they paved around it. Judging by the tone of the Riverfront Times story, this type of thing is very characteristic of St. Louis. I’m intrigued.


The users in the St. Louis subreddit got busy trying to figure out who the car belonged to and why they left it there. The word “asshole” was thrown around.

The owner of the blue Kia, who wanted to remain anonymous, came forward to the paper and explained what happened:

The previous Friday night, she was flying back into St. Louis and was planning on meeting her boyfriend and some friends for drinks. Her flight was delayed and they wound up taking separate cars to the bar.


The street didn’t have any “no parking” signs and she even asked a few pedestrians if it was okay to park there.

Upon getting ready to leave, she and her boyfriend decided to consolidate and take one car home.


“We do that all the time in St. Louis; just leave your car, come back the next day,” she told the Times. “It’s not a big deal.”

When they returned for her Kia the next day, they saw what happened.

“We were both like, ‘This is ridiculous, this would only happen in St. Louis,’” she [said]. “Obviously, I wouldn’t have parked there if there would have been a sign. That they would not even take the time to block off the street, or put up a sign saying, ‘We’re paving the road!’ — and instead they would just pave around an entire vehicle? It’s just absurd.”


Again, with the this is so St. Louis talk. What is it about that place where city worker pettiness is just part of everyday life? I genuinely want to know.

(h/t to Jim!)