How To Install Racing Seats In Your Car To Improve Your Driving And Feel Like A Bad Ass

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There’s nothing more satisfying than experiencing something that feels like it was engineered with a distinct, desired purpose. Naturally, you want as much of that feeling as possible with your car, and installing racing seats is a decently inexpensive and super effective way to improve safety and driving experience in any sort of car.

Do you want to feel like your car moves faster? Do you want it to “communicate” through your butt more? Do your car seats make you wonder how many types of exotic cats the previous owner frequently transported?

Whether or not you frequently hit the track or autocross, or just want to replace your old seats, installing racing bucket seats will make you look like a bad ass, feel more connected to your driving, and even keep you safer.

Despite the minor hurdles and the checklist of all that needs to be done, ChrisFix proves that installing racing seats in your car is one of the easiest do-it-yourself modifications you can make to get more out of the driving experience without compromising safety or spending too much money. The best part is that, if you do it right, it’s even completely reversible.


Have you swapped your seats already? Any tips? What seat is best for my butt? You can check out how ChrisFix picked out his seats from his earlier video.

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While easy to install the all have done a great job show casing how not to do harnesses on a car. 5/6 point harnesses in street car are dangerous w/o a roll bar and proper harness guide bar. A roll bar is dangerous without a helmet. Before you do “cool” mods please do the research to the safety implications.