Here's What Tiger Woods Did To His $200,000 Mercedes

(Image Credits: Jupiter Police Department)

Tiger Woods was arrested Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence. His 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG was apparently already stopped when cops found him, but it definitely took some damage before Woods was taken into custody.

The S65, an enormous luxury sedan powered by a 621-horespower 6.0-liter twin turbo V12, would have rung up at about $220,000 if Woods bought it brand new two years ago. Doesn’t seem like he cared much about it, though. The wheels look deeply stained with brake dust and, uh, they’re wrapped in at least two flat tires.


From these pictures of the vehicle at the stop, recently released by the Jupiter Police Department, it looks like Woods hit something hard enough to tear his front and rear tires and bend the alloy wheels before he decided to call it quits on his drive, pull over and take a nap in a bike lane.


I guess it’s a good thing Woods stopped when he did because, er, I was going to do a golf pun but this whole story just makes me sad. I hope Woods gets the help he clearly needs.

And I’ll tell you who else needs help- whoever takes the car photos over at Jupiter PD. Come on, couldn’t have waited another half-second for the camera to auto-focus? These pictures are actually unbelievably bad.


Resolution’s not much better on the dashcam footage of Woods’ arrest, but here you go anyway:

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