Three-Block-Long Skyline Burnout Ends With $1,000 Ticket On Facebook Live

Screencaps via John Sabal
Screencaps via John Sabal

There’s no arguing your way out of this one when your friend was live-streaming the evidence. But dude! Sick three-block-long burnout!

This annoyingly vertical video taken from the passenger seat of a sweet right-hand-drive R32 Nissan Skyline, does indeed feature a sick burnout—only it’s on a public road in Ocean City, Maryland. That’s the wrong place, where you can get pulled over for doing a rad burnout. (Which he did.)


The ticket came out to only $1,000, according to Facebooking passenger John Sabal.

We love burnouts here! But we also like staying out of jail, and not accidentally Cars-and-Coffee-ing into a crowd if we mess up a good trail of smoke. Always remember to burnout responsibly.

[H/T Mike!]

[Correction: This was Ocean City, Maryland, not New Jersey as originally noted. This has been updated above.]


Because of the Implication

I don’t understand the appeal of burn outs. Sure there is noise and smoke, but I own a stereo and a fireplace if I need both at once.