Normally, people hate on engine-swapped Mazda RX-7s, as changing out the stock rotary engine makes the car too normal, too simple. This guy went the opposite direction, with a homebrew turbocharged and supercharged Toyota 1JZ straight six.

When car companies try to make twincharged cars, they tend to have weirdo solutions for switching from super- to turbocharged boost, sometimes with electronic clutches. This Pacific Northwestern Mazda eschews all of that complexity, as I wrote about this thing late last year:

if you watch the video of him explaining how his low-mounted Eaton M90 supercharger boosts the engine at all times, then his Borg Warner S366 turbo spools up and adds power on top of that higher in the rev range, he doesn’t seem particularly troubled by his setup. He has no electronic clutches to switch from super- to turbocharged boost.

A recent dyno run put this car at 399 horsepower, which certainly seems like enough. Mostly I just love that whine.