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Yeah, I know the trend right now is to bash turbocharging as we wail and moan about the inevitable death of natural aspiration. But automakers have done some really cool stuff with forced induction over the years.


One of my favorites is twincharging. That's when you pair a turbocharger with a supercharger. It has both things. It's like eating ice cream on your waffles. Magical.

The technology has been around forever, but its latest example is probably the 2016 Volvo XC90. That blown and turbo'd engine manages to extract 316 horsepower from just two liters and four cylinders. That's kind of amazing, as is the fact that they're putting it in a big normal-person SUV; it's one thing to get insane four-cylinder numbers in a car like the Mercedes CLA45 AMG, but another thing entirely for a Volvo people-hauler.


Up top is one of my favorites, the Nissan March Super Turbo. With twincharging they got 110 horsepower out of just a 990cc inline four. It even spawned this delightfully bonkers racing version that Nissan ran in rally events. So wonderful.

Let's see if we can track them all down. Show us all the twincharged cars in the comments! I'll add some others.

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