Slumbering NASCAR Fan Left Behind After Race By Just About Everybody

Screencap via WBTV

Fans leave behind all sorts of things at major race weekends—tents, coolers, old couches, and in the case of this weekend’s Coke 600, even one of their own.


Over 100,000 people attended this weekend’s Coke 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, per WBTV—including Jody Nash.

Nash fell asleep at some point during the Coke 600 weekend, which was somewhat understandable given the way NASCAR’s longest race suffered a nearly one-hour, 40-minute rain delay that pushed the checkered flag well past midnight. When she woke up at the speedway, everybody was gone, including the people she came to the speedway with.

“Hey, Mom, I’m okay!” Nash told WBTV, holding a Bud Light. “I’m still here in Turn 2!”

“Y’all come get me?” she continued. Listen to the lady. I can’t think of a bigger party foul than leaving behind a member of your own party squad.


Fortunately, WBTV reports that Nash found a ride home shortly after the segment was filmed.

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