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What The Hell Is This Mysterious Mercedes-AMG Wagon?

Illustration for article titled What The Hell Is This Mysterious Mercedes-AMG Wagon?

Squint, and have your finger hovering over the “pause” button, for this Mercedes is fast and will streak by you before you even know it.


Study the fat fenders, so indicative of so many things; namely, speed and performance whoosh.

Listen for the growly growl of a V8 as it passes you and the camera by.

Think, for although the video’s caption muses that this could be a Mercedes-AMG E63 Black Series wagon, you know that historically, the Black Series moniker was reserved for two-door coupes only. This wagon is neither.


Consider that Mercedes could be testing something new altogether. Though it could be a Black Series anyways, because let’s be real for a sec, Mercedes does whatever the hell it wants.

Spend the rest of the day mulling this over.


Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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In a semi-related post,I was passed (in the opposite direction) yesterday and last Friday on the highway in Pittsburgh by a Buick SUV with that camo wrap on. Do they have another SUV coming out that we’re not supposed to know about?