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Truck Hits 500,000 Miles And Owner Celebrates Harder Than Any Birthday Party You Ever Had

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It takes until the end of this wonderful, wonderful 30-second video to realize the greatness you just witnessed. When it came time for this Chevy Silverado to turn its 500,000th mile, its owners wanted to make things special. They just had one shot, one opportunity to get this right, and that they did.


This is the most perfect celebration, of anything, I have ever seen. This is better than any pyrotechnics, better than that weird, devil-summoning Dodge Demon reveal, and yes, even better than the birthday party I had at Mr. Gatti’s as a kid.

It is pure poetry. Just watch it.

It’s all quite calm and collected at 499,999 miles, and even a few seconds into the historical 500,000-mile mark. The driver, in a low, southern drawl you’d expect to hear over the opening montage of a western movie, lets you know: “This Silverado just traveled a half a million miles, and there is great rejoicing.”


He turns the camera to the passenger, whose birthday hat you’ll only notice on about the fifth watch. It’s a nice touch, though. The passenger has a matching party horn in his mouth, ready to sing the song of Silverado praises right at 500,000 miles. These folks prepared more for a Silverado hitting a mile marker than Mariah Carey and crew did for this year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve performance.

But it gets better, with our wonderful passenger holding an iced cupcake and a lit birthday candle in his hand. He gives the Silverado’s dashboard a “Good job, friend” pat, then turns on its air conditioner to blow the candle out.

What a beautiful performance for such a rare achievement. Here’s to 500,000 more miles, dear Chevy Silverado. You’re in the right hands.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Fake Video, we all know domestic vehicles can’t make over 100k. /s