How The Stars Of Baby Driver Learned To Do Very Real Car Stunts

Edgar Wright is one of the most distinct directors working today, tackling the zombie, buddy cop, video game, and superhero genres. Now focusing he’s made what should be an epic heist movie with plenty of insane car chases in this year’s Baby Driver. Check out an exclusive video on how the actors prepared for their driving stunts.


Baby Driver stars young baby-faced heartthrob Ansel Elgort as “Baby”—a talented getaway driver who rocks out to music while pulling off some impressive driving stunts for shady people played by Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm.


If you’ve already seen the trailer, you know there’s some seriously cool driving in this movie; a high-speed J-turn drift in a red Subaru WRX is particularly amazing.

In this day and age, it’s refreshing to hear that a movie’s stunts are not just fancy computer generated tricks edited to shit, but instead real people and real cars doing real things that look awesome.

If you like stunt driving, good music and fantastic filmmaking, Baby Driver hits theaters June 28th.

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Pedantic Rant Alert:

The directors are going on about how “real” everything is and other marketing noise. Props to them for doing the stunts in-camera, but two glaring things in this short 1:45 reel have already turned me off to this film.

First, this is not a Hawkeye WRX center console. Hell, this isn’t even a Subaru of the era, all of which had gated automatic shifters. Other tells are the HVAC controls (knob sizes and buttons), the wood trim, and, well, all of it actually.

Second, when they do decide to picture a manual shifter, they show an STI console, which has somehow stopped being an automatic.

Details, people. And, yes, I know all about how movies get made and edited, so I know sometimes the perfect shot isn’t available during editing. But if you’re making a film ostensibly – even peripherally – for Car People, you need to get that stuff right.